Sunday, 30 November 2014

Introducing Stuart's Kitchen

For over 50 of my 80 years I have written about Food and Travel under my byline Stuart Buchanan. In the past two decades I have written and blogged about the UK, first for in USA, later as Travel Editor at in Canada, and more recently as Contributing Travel Editor for's 'Traveller's Guide to London'.

Stuart's Kitchen is a dietary adjunct to the website of Caring Cancer Trust, the UK Charity for which I have been privileged to work as a trustee and volunteer over the past decade. 

In Ryde on the Isle of Wight where I live, we are blessed with Barrow Boys, superbly imaginative greengrocers who pride themselves in sourcing not only locally grown fresh seasonal produce but also a wide variety of fruit and vegetables from the far corners of the Globe. They provide the  inspiration for the healthy and sometimes unusual seasonal and exotic recipes I enjoy eating and writing about. Where possible I have personally prepared  the recipes and these appear under my Stuart Buchanan byeline. Other recipes are credited to their published or donated source and website, where appropriate. 

What and how we eat obviously has a considerable affect on our present and future health.  Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle are accepted as being closely linked to the onset of some cancers and, conversely, to helping cancer prevention and possibly cure, (though cure by diet is a matter of considerable controversy). I shall comment on the published health benefits of the various fruits and vegetables I use in my recipes. Dietary Topics, my associated blog, will maintain a watching brief on research into Nutrition and Cancer prevention published in medical journals, Cancer Support websites, and the Press.  

Food for thought:  Sir! Respect your Dinner: idolise it, enjoy it properly. You will be many hours in the week, many weeks in the year, and many years in your life happier if you do.

William Makepeace Thackery 
1811 - 1863

Caring Cancer Trust is a UK registered charity, (Reg.No 1052205). It funds original non-animal tested research into causes, non-invasive treatment and cure of Cancer and provides support to children and adults suffering from Cancer. It is totally run and managed by dedicated unpaid volunteers and is entirely reliant on your donations for its research and support work. 

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